Miley montana…


“…U get the best of both worlds. Chill it out take it slow. Then u rock out the show. U get the best of both worlds. Mix it all together and u know that its the best of both worlds.. HA HA HA…”

Yeah thats how the Hannah Montana title song goes with the little marquee thingy scrolling across their intro pictures. Probably girls of my age would be knowing about this little sit-com in Disney Channel. Season 1,season2,it goes on but fortunately or unfortunately,it ended with 4.

Just a few weeks back I was so bored that I wanted to watch some tv shows. NO. Not from torrentz but downloading it from youtube. How lame can I get ?! A 21 yr old gal watching a show fit for 12 yr olds. But it started when I was around 15 I guess..

I realized only then that I had been so lame in watching it. I started laughing at knowing how silly I could get to watch those kids making silly jokes that even a 7 yr old can understand.. Ya I was 15, but seriously that was honestly the first time i ever started watching TV shows 😛

Actually the point I’m trying to make here is that these musical TV shows,any kids show for that matter,girls of age 20-21 still do listen to those songs in their ipods and watch those shows. Do they actually make sense in real life ?? At this age ? I don’t know. Cuz I found myself deleting a number of Miley songs from my phone which I would never have done when I was 15. They have become.. like a long-forgotten good times that u can’t help looking back.

These kinds of things actually make childhood come into reality. For guys..even now they are stuck up with XBoxes,playstations,Batman movies,superman,spiderman.. What Not ?! Its actually literally fun to be engaged in such kiddish activities even now and remembering the good old days..! That only because we love to get so involved in it that sometimes we become the character itself and enjoy the pure HAPPINESS it gives u thru that..

Playing with the little kids in ur flat with batman models,barbie dolls,hannah monatana dolls too 🙂 is simply just fun !!

Childhood days,whatever pranks u had done.. fun,adventurous,silly,spontaneous ones, will never get erased. Even as a memory. It becomes internally Etched in our hearts which obviously will refuse to let go of what we call.. Genuine happiness. 🙂

P.S: I used to be the Hannah Montana in my flat 😛

“…U can change ur hair and u can change ur clothes. U can change ur mind that’s just the way it goes. U can say good-bye and u can say hello. But u’ll always find ur way back home…” 😀




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Extra time,please…

multi-tasking ? anyone ?

Weekdays. Get up early in the morning.. Scurry around your house for your never-can-be-found lost items and eventually complaining to and blaming your mom… Get a head-start in your office or college….Get back home utterly famished and sweaty and find out there’s nothing in the fridge…. Fretting over the pending homework,projects, personal to-do’s and….

Please. There seriously is NO time for hanging out with friends,having genuine fun frolicking at their place or to just be yourself in the warm,comforty,coziness of your room. Why are we doing all this.??  What kind of result do we expect from this?? Are we really doing all this out of interest or is it just for duty-sake?

There are a lot of stuffs,generally,we students would love to do. Even on weekends I find them going out in their bikes,constantly checking their watches to make sure they don’t get late to wherever they are headed to.. obviously GRE,CAT and other such “goal-oriented” classes. And when they get back home,Facebook! That has become a pure addict these days. (I’m not denying. I am,too,in a way).

So where is the time for doing what we genuinely love to do.? Right from the bottom of our heart?? 365 days with just 24 hrs is just not enough. Be it,attending music classes,keyboard classes,drawing,painting,writing a poem,stitching,playing (which has become a long-forgotten hobby in the coming of these latest techy “technological stuffs”) ,nodding your head and tapping your feet to your favorite tunes from your playlist or even plain just reading your favorite novel is one tough job at hand now. ( Disclaimer: These are all what I face 😦 )

I really wish some miracle would happen which adds on extra hours to extra days,if possible 😛 to our clocks and calenders. That way,like those “cheesy” quotes say “Nothing is impossible” can  be … umm.. implemented. (guess the word is right). I am pretty much sure all of us would face problems like these in our everyday chores. Let’s just hope.. one fine morning,we’ll wake up to super-nova powers to be able to do everything… almost everything we really wish to…

One day…

That day will come…

Signing off,

A hopeful heart..


Thanks for reading 🙂

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New Face ! :)

Well a few minutes ago I just received a mail from a friend–a classmate saying “…so and so is now following your blog…” Funny isn’t it ?! 😛  I am just starting a blog and… well I have a follower too soon 😀

OKies.. enough blahs.. I am a new face to the blogging world so please kindly tolerate any “boring” posts.. if any in the future. Actually I did try maintaining a blog earlier but I had to abort it Becoz I totally ran outta ideas.. blog topics.. OK. I Dint have any topic in hand.. See ‘m beating around the bush now too.. *no topics* 😥 😀

Hmmm… So topics.. I have gotta think it about and will post it quite soon here !! Remember.. I AM A NEW FACE HERE. Anyhow.. suggestions,compliments and criticisms are most welcome here. I want all those to improve my writing skills.

So do visit my blog when ur free 🙂

Thanks 🙂

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