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Comfort zone.. I cannot entirely leave you..

Move out of your comfort zone. You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new. -Brian Tracy.

Try something new… something that always gives a jittery feeling. Everybody thinks, ‘Why would I wanna do that ?’,’What do I get from it ?’,’Why should I try something new ? Its already there.’ These are common questions that always end up with no answers whatsoever.

Everybody goes though this tough phase. Trying out something new is one thing no one is willing to do possibly out of fear what others might think of us. Yes. Its like trying to be in another person’s shoes well knowing that you will not fit in. Moving out of one’s comfort zone is like getting out of ur cozy bed to sit up and study for the semesters. 😛

But this is where I feel one learns almost about everything life is willing to teach us. How to take it is what is left to us. We’re ruled by habits. We tend to do the same old stuff over and over again because we are comfortable. I just came across this article,rather a story of a young Cecilia Aragon.


Shy and fearful as a kid, Cecilia Aragon was 11 when she learned to bicycle, and when she climbed a ladder, her fear of heights made her break into a sweat. “What I kind of realized was that if I was going to do anything, I had to expand my comfort zone pretty dramatically. I started doing that,” says Aragon, whose fear-smashing breakthrough came as a grad student when she rode in a four-seater Piper Archer plane and a friend handed her the controls. She marveled as she steered the plane (with the friend’s help) over the Golden Gate Bridge and California coast—and upon their landing, she signed up for pilot classes. “I was in heaven.”

Despite her 5-foot-2 frame requiring a booster seat in typical planes, she became an aerobatic pilot so good at low-altitude loops and spins that she won trophies and competed in the World Aerobatic Championships. “I feel the fear; it’s just that I use it. I use it to make my flying sharper rather than paralyze me.”

A bonus side effect: Completing her doctorate and applying for a university academic position didn’t seem scary compared to flying headlong toward the ground and potentially ending up in a fireball. She went on to work for NASA and heads the Scientific Collaboration and Creativity Lab at the University of Washington.

A rather short one but at least inspiring. Small inspirations end up making a big difference,probably the biggest,in a person’s life. Personally,its something I can definitely try following. Well,try at least. (note to self).

But its our wish. You don’t feel comfortable in your new shoes,then fine. Go get another one. Get not the one that fits you but the one that is flexible. It is difficult but its going to be easier farther down the road. We have nothing to lose. Maybe a little pride but at the end,its always worth it. Because,

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. 

Try it. You’ll love it. 🙂


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