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“Good night,daddy !”,whispered Christie. “Good night,princess. Sleep tight.”,whispered back her dad and kissed her on the forehead. He pulled the covers over her daughter and tucked her in and made sure she was warm and safe for the night. He started towards the door when Christie called him back. “Daddy?” He turned and asked,”Yes,Chrisy?” “Am I pretty?”,asked Christie with so much innocence in her voice. He smiled and walked towards her. Kneeling down beside her bed he said,”You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen in this whole world”. Christie beamed on hearing this. “How beautiful?”,she peppered more. John expected this question so he delayed no further in reassuring his daughter. “You’re the li’l queen in my dream called Happiness” At this,Christie had to wipe away the struggling tears that were about to run down her cheeks with her rug. Seeing this,John started to sing softly to her,lightly stroking her forehead,moving out the little strands of blonde hair off her eyes….

Mere sapnon ki rani kab aayegi tu
Aayi rut mastaani kab aayegi tu
Beeti jaaye zindagaani kab aayegi tu
Chali aa, tu chali aa

She dozed off…

Long time since I saw my own blog.. Its been really awhile. This time,I had to brag about my daddy cuz I had been literally re-living those days now, when he used to sing for me to sleep.. Such beautiful little hoods..

Not only this song but an entire array of Kishore Kumar numbers can make its way to this particular post but one problem.. I didn’t know how to upload a video here :\

So its just a very simple post to show how much I love my daddy cuz I sure cant express it thru words. The things daddies had done for us.. bought cute li’l pink colored frocks,matching hair ribbons,used to dress us up like real Princess even on normal days,the amount of candies u get apart from ur birthday,the coloring books,paints,crayons,dolls,teddies,girlie cars 😛 pencils,rubbers,pens.. Please ! The entire STATIONERY SHOP possibly cuz I had been brought up that way.. 😛 Yeah u could say that… a spoilt brat..! Yup. Daddy’s little brat !!

He literally does everything for us. Still with that lovable,selfless heart he brought us up with.. Especially the small stories he used to tell me. My..my.. I grew up listening to all his wonderful stories i don’t find silly even now. Those sacrifices he made just to see us smile,laugh,feel happy about.. PRICELESS.! They are the first and last of the men who would never even think of hurting their little princessess.! Their love for their daughters is simply immeasureable.

Their love lasted till now and will,forever.


Daddy’s Girl !

P.S: Courtesy to the award-winning New York Best Seller- Danielle Steele’s DADDY.

The novel that moved me…



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