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The Unheard Language.

Want to invite someone over? You pick up the phone and call them and you hear them.
Want something to eat? You go to the kitchen and ask your mom to prepare something for you and you hear her.
Want to stop your brother from hitting you? You go shout at him. He shouts back at you and you can hear it as well.

It’s very easy isn’t it? You being able to listen to what the other person is trying to tell you.

Now, what about the people who wake up every morning just to realize over and over again that they can’t hear anything at all?
What is it like for them?
They desperately want to hear someone wish them “Good Morning,sweets!” but all you can see is someone moving their lips.

I was at a major bus terminus called Majestic Bus Stand here in Bangalore, restlessly waiting for my bus home. It was pretty late in the evening and my hunger pangs were getting the better of me. To top it all, it was raining.

I was listening to some soothing piano musical pieces in my phone that was an add-on to the rain when I saw 2 college/high school students – a guy sitting on a bench in the platform and a girl his age standing in front of him. Both of them were waving their hands aggressively towards each other and their lips also moved occasionally.

I knew what kind of people they were but I didn’t know what they were talking about. I plugged out my earphones to observe them. Amidst the din in the bus stand, it was pretty pleasant to see two people converse with each other in such a delicate manner.


What I observed..
1. There was no sign of ‘evident’ negative emotions on their faces (anger, frustration, irritation, etc)
2. Quick and subtle hand movements could be seen, rapidly and quickly acknowledged by the other.
3. Expressions played magic on their faces and their lips making what they wanted to convey much easier (for them).
4. Silence could speak much more than we intend to.
5. Emotions and feelings were expressed much more easily and if hurt, could be bounced back to normal by genuine expressions saying “I’m really sorry” or “I really love you” using hands and eyes. Especially eyes.

Both of them found it easier to understand each other when their mouth was not doing the primary job of talking. All kinds of emotions were put to work without any kind of bias or cynicism. Normal people like us would do anything to hurt the opponent through words and putting them in an even worse position for having to listen to us (the other way round is also possible), but this is something I wish could happen to me. Happy, sad, angry, questioning, doubt, day, night, please, excuse me, sorry.. You tell me. Everything is said with the help of the 10 fingers and all the facial muscles. This is what I really call as’Expression speaks’

The last 2 days, I had found quite a lot of people this way and I feel this as a much better way to converse genuinely to one another. I found it pleasing and soft in the inside.

Until later! 🙂



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