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Everything looks different, yet same…

The next stage of life. No. Not marriage. Studies again! A more professional kind of study..

Its a new city. Not much for me exactly but the environment and ambience is different. Away from friends. Yes that’s one thing that was so not expected. The comfort life I lived in with them. Being with them and laughing my stomach out. Sleepovers. Oh! How much I miss that! I used to tell my friends how independent I try to be but when reality hits me, it hits real hard. Like a sound knock on my head telling, “WAKE UP! You’ve got real things to do and achieve!”

Honestly speaking, I have been in a trance all these days in my UG. I just went along where the track lead me. Once in awhile, I go that extra mile to do something I really wanted but it never turned out the way i wanted it to be. It never does, does it ?!

Its different here (I’m in bangalore for my PG) yet just the same. Friends are different but they behave the same. Happenings are different but the results are same. Before I came here, as usual, I imagined (might have done a tad too much – always do) that things are going to go easy. That I would change how I was before into how I want to be. Now, its taking a shape. 🙂 Maybe irregular, but a shape.

So far things are going really good, I should say. 🙂 I’m getting so much exposure I never thought I would get. So many new friends and fun with each other and I’m trying to take the first step of destroying my comfort zone. I have trouble making friends (real ones, I mean) but as the saying goes, You have to jump into the river to learn to swim. I have jumped into the river of discomfort to get comfortable, swimming.

Getting to know people through various situations is just plain amazing! Yeah, I still don’t know how to react to it outwardly (I still have no idea when I’m going to learn it) but its fun. Motivational speeches always go into one ear and out through the other but now, it stays. Or rather, I make it stay. It still lingers inside me and I have made it a point to actually follow it.

Things to do before I die…

Loved this particular concept in the movie “Anjaana Anjaani” and it actually stuck to me. But in the past two days I have learnt the greatest importance of this in an individual’s life. Who really has time to write those goals/things you want to achieve in a piece of paper ? I did. And reading all those makes me want to try achieving that before I leave. Of the many, I have few very realistic and close-to-my-heart dreams that probably deserves taking shape and I want to be there and see it when it happens. Everybody started doing that because the race has already started.

There’s a small line of difference between wanting to do something and dreaming of doing something. That difference is what’s going to show you who you are. 🙂

You have to be put under discomfort, to get comfortable” – Someone said.


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See u later 🙂




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